Member's Research

Please Contact Us if you would like to contact any members regarding their research. 

Barbara Sandberg is researching the following surnames: Jacob, Finnigan, Greenway and Larkin. 
Brenda Davis is looking for Davis, Reeder and Darling.
Dorothy Friesen is researching McLeod.
Eileen Leinweber is looking for the following surnames: Deschamps, Therriault, Velleunuve/Villeneuve, Cyr, Teriot, Irvine, Ashley, Galipeau and Bourdon.
Elma Barnes is researching Barnes and Rutherford.  
Jean McFarland is researching: Weathered, Lewin, Dixson/Dickson/Dixon, Eager, Etter, Needham, Powers, McHardy, Kohut, Askin, McDonald, Erskine, Toner, McKeown, Janes, Minkler, Hyde, Evarts, Arnell, McKinnon and Provost.
Joan Penner is looking for: Armour, Howie, Crawford, Douglas, Gunn and Walls. 
Karen Snodgrass - Killian, Fennell
Karen Wight is searching for Wight, Froud, Ward and Surrage.
Linda Williams is searching for: Green, Burt, Jackson, Swetman and Williamson.
Lynn Andersen is researching Stoney.
Margaret Smith is researching the following: Davidson, Aitchison, Birchard, Young and Smith.
Mary Waddington is researching: Thibaudeau, Middaugh, Hughes, and McLean.
Maureen Hebert is searching for the following surnames: Berney, Callaghan, Kerrigan, Loftus, Sheppard, Shotton and Cain.
Maureen McGee is researching: Edwards, Rawson, Silvester, McGee, Herald, Phillips, Allen, Dann, James, Best, Clarke, Pearson, Empson, Colclough,Wright, and Hulse.
Myrna Bailey is researching the names: Smith, Peterson, Letts, Williams, McIntyre, Bailey and Lambourne.
Nadine Nicholson needs information regarding Nicholson, Metcalfe, Donaldson, Dowson and Olsen.
Phyllis Bernard is searching for: Dardell, Dunsby, Saviory, Hill, Clare, Bowel, Bennett, Kedge, Barnett,Stevenson, Robinson, Groves, Farley, Butler, Adams, Holloway and Nichols.
Barbara Fairservice is looking for the following kin: Fairservice, Tottman, Mudge, Keens, Boakes, Packer, Morris, Bowen and Row/Roe.
Thelma Werschke is researching: Abernethy, Baylis, Cock, Donald, Embury, Fairweather, Goldie, Harding, Hick (s), Hill, Imberger, Kier, Lagor, Langrish, Lowe, Lyall, Matthew, McIntosh, Mufford, Robertson, Sims, Smith, Sturtridge, Udy, Varcoe and Werschke.