Alexandria Cemetery

Transcribed October 10, 2009 by Maureen Hebert 

This cemetery is located right beside a small white church which is easily seen from the highway as you travel north on Highway 97. It is located on the left, just a few miles past Fort Alexandria, and one mile before the Alexandria School Road. It is a small graveyard with only seven headstones. One headstone belonging to Arthur Gagnon has wire fencing all around; the rest are located outside of this wire. I have checked the grave markers with BC Archives to verify facts; two of the deaths of the young children took place at Alexandria. The cemetery does not show a name anywhere within its fence location, however I feel this is the correct name. 

Arthur GAGNON 
1884 – 1962 

John Bryan 
Beloved son of 
Earl and Catherine 
July 7 1940 
Sept 19 1947 
Jesus called a little child unto him. 

Cal               J. Earl 
1916-1956      1907 – 1986 
God Bless
Our Dear Wife and Mother 
Marie G. Vasseur 
March 29 1905 
June 28 1957 
Rest in Peace 

In Loving Memory 
Joseph Marie 
1882 – 1964 

Our Dear Son 
Lloyd B Lavally 
July 10 1948 
Nov 4 1956 
Rest in Peace
Victor Monsen 
11 months old