Jonathan Swaninger (email: swaninger@telus.net) is looking for information, for a friend, regarding Margaret Buchanan who lived in Prince George. He has a copy of a postcard that was sent to her, but the writing on the back is very limited. The original postcard is in the possession of his friend. Jonathan would like to know if anyone can identify the group on the postcard, which appears to be a military band, the regiment and/or location of the band, and any individuals in the photo. Attached is a scan of the postcard front, the picture of a military band, and the back of the postcard which is addressed to 
Mrs. M. Buchanan, Box 60, Prince George BC Canada. The message from South Camp, Ripon reads: 
"Dear Maggie, I am still in Ripon yet but may be sent away soon now. We are expected to go to Park Royal London. Your loving brother Jim."