Croydon Cemetery

Transcribed August 17, 2005 by Sharon Dow and Stacy Perkins
Location: Croydon Road, 100m east of junction with Croydon Ferry Road 
GPS co-ordinates: N 53 degrees 4' 13.1" - W 119 degrees 42' 48.7" 
Elevation: 637 metres 
          The cemetery site appears to be quite overgrown and partially damaged. It is presently being reclaimed and rehabbed. There are many probable burial sites marked with new white crosses but most of these do not have any other grave markers. Many of these white crosses correspond to a map and roster compiled in 1989 by Archie McLean. Only five grave markers were found that could be transcribed. 
          In the approximate location of the Langstaff plot there were many domestic irises and a lilac bush. These must have been planted at a gravesite, although it is hard to tell which one. There is presently a white cross at this location, but no other grave marker. 
In Loving Memory Of 
Eliza May      Arthur John 
1889-1964    1892-1941 
Walter Roy Davison 
Born 1916      Died in 1938
James Stanley Craig 
1900 - 1952 
Aaron Watson 
Born 1873 Died 1932 
Samual Clifton 
1893 1980 
A good frend 
(note: the spelling on Clifton's stone 
is transcribed accurately and there 
was also a small animal trap 
embedded around the edge of 
the concrete gravestone)