Aleza Lake Cemetery

Recorded September 7, 2001, by J. Kent Sedgwick 

A private cemetery located on part of SW ΒΌ of DL 2684 behind 33124 Upper Fraser Road. 
Map reference: 54 degrees 00' 48.8"; 121 degrees 40' 21"; Map: 93I002 

The land was donated to the community by Mr. Lorne Lyle in 1919 after the influenza epidemic. Lorne and Nita Lyle had opened a store in 1917.   
One grave was found with a picket fence and one wooden headboard. There was no inscription visible. 
Noted August 2010: The burial is for a Winnifred Byrne. Kent Sedgwick's information came from Lorna Dittmar, who is a granddaughter. Winnifred was born in Preston, England. She died in childbirth and was buried without a death certificate. No date given to Kent.
Aleza Lake Cemetery location. 
33124 Upper Fraser Rd