Prince George School News

First Class List - Fort George Herald - October 1, 1910

After three weeks, Miss L. Brady reported eighteen attending pupils to the education committee. The committee being A. K. Bourchier acting as chairman and A. G. Hamilton as the secretary. It was decided to advertise in the Vancouver papers for a properly certified teacher to work at a monthly salary of $90. The new school house was expected to be completed this fall.

The following is a list of the school children attending the first and only school in this section of British Columbia:

Bird, Alex; Bird, Fliza; Bird, Frank; Burns, Clarence; Duncan, Harriet; Edwards, Evelyn; Halm, Mary; Halm, Phillip; Pierrot, Albert; Pierrot, Patrick; Pierrot, Sallie; Senior, Edith; Senior, Gladys; Seymour, Aggie; Seymour, Minnie; Seymour, Sarah; Seymour, Sophie; Seymour, William.

Letter Written to Rev. F. E. Runnells
In September the first school was opened and after a week under one teacher and a month under another, both unqualified, Mrs. A. B. Campbell took charge. She had 24 pupils, nine of whom were white, and the rest half breeds. In a letter written to Rev. F. E. Runnells she thus described her experience:
"The breed children were a trial at first. I had to find a system of teaching them that they could understand. These children were raised like the Indians and very rarely saw any white people with the exception of the Hudson's Bay factors until Fort George started. School to them was a funny place, the teacher something to laugh at, and books and pencils play toys. They could speak very little English, and they had very unsanitary habits, such as spitting on the floor, dirty hands and faces, etc. When I finally got them to understand they could not spit on the floor, they would spit in their hands and carry it out of doors. Then there was a lot of wasted time making them wash their hands. When studying, I would have to have them study very nearly out loud, otherwise they would not know whether they could pronounce the word right. Noisy! Yes, and I never came out of the school room at the end of the day without a headache. They learned very fast and after one month we had a real school."

Prince George's School Trustees 1915 - 1945

Wilson, P.E. - 7 yrs - 1915-1921 & 1923-1924 - Lawyer
Mahan, A. - 1 yr - 1915
Leathley, C. - 1 yr - 1915
Carney, H. - 2 yrs - 1915-1916 - Power & Telephone
Hardy, J.C. - 2 yrs - 1917-1918
Hood, F. - 2 yrs - 1917-1918 - Merchant-General
Director, Hannah - 1 yr - 1918 - Housewife
Johnson, J.H. - 2 yrs - 1919-1920 - Hotelman
Wimbles, Alex - 5 yrs - 1919 & 1926-1929 - Postmaster
Quinn, J.G. - 6 yrs - 1920 & 1925-1929 - Citizen paper
Abbott, Mrs. Geo. - 6 yrs - 1921-1922 & 1928-1934 - Housewife
Pitman, W.J. - 10 yrs - 1922-1925 & 1928-1933 - Music Store
Moffat, A.B. - 2 yrs - 1922-1923 - Hardware Merchant
Saunders, Fred - 7 yrs - 1923-1924 & 1927-1931 - Railroad

Prince George's School Board 1915 - 1945
Ewert, Mrs. N. - 2yrs - 1924- 1925 - Housewife
Porter, George - 2 yrs - 1925-1926
Martin, Luella - 1 yr - 1925 - Teacher
Minaker, Cath - 2 yrs - 1926-1927 - Housewife
McMillan, Allan - 1 yr - 1926 - Railroad
Lambert, J.B. - 4 yrs - 1927-1930 - Merchant
Bexon, W. - 2 yrs - 1929-1930 - Merchant-Grocer
Crocher, W.H. - 2 yrs - 1930-1931
Harlow, Roland - 2 yrs - 1931-1932 - Railroad
Caine, M.S. - 2 yrs - 1932-1933 - Timber Contractor
Patterson, A.M. - 12 yrs - 1933-1944 - Clothing-Men's Wear
Opie, Ted - 3 yrs - 1933-1935 - Railroad
Munro, W.A. - 6 yrs - 1934-1939 - Butcher
Armstrong, W.L. - 4 yrs - 1934-1935 & 1939-1940 - Railroad
Keller, Josh - 4 yrs - 1935-1938 - Hotelman
Clark, Frank - 6 yrs - 1936-1941 - Railroad
Hocking, Dr. H.J. - 4 yrs - 1936-1939 - Dentist
McKinnon, Tom - 1 yr - 1940 - Railroad
Roberts, Joe - 1 yr - 1940 - Railroad
Aitken, Mrs. John - 5 yrs - 1941-1945 - Housewife
Boyle, Mrs. Dave - 2 yrs - 1941-1942 - Housewife
Munro, Mrs. Billy - 2 yrs - 1941-1942 - Housewife
Nicholson, Jack - 4 yrs - 1942-1945 - Merchant-Grocer
Moffat, Harold - 3 yrs - 1943 - 1945 - Merchant-Hardware
Caine, Mrs. Martin - 2 yrs - 1943-1944 - Housewife
Strom, Lars - 1 yr - 1945 - Sawmills
Rees, William - 1 yr - 1945 - Printer

History of Longworth School
Situated on the northern line of the Canadian National Railway, about 60 miles east of Prince George, is the little town of Longworth. Once a booming, bustling lumber town, it is now only the ghost of its former self, with many unoccupied buildings, which have sunk to a sad state of disrepair.

In 1920 the Longworth Lumber company, owned and operated by Mr. W. Jaeck, employed a large number of men in the woods and in the lumber mill. Business was very prosperous, and the married men, many of whom had come from the prairies, sent for their families.

With the growing population the necessity for a school became imminent. Accordingly, in 1920 the Longworth rural school was built by the Longworth Lumber Company, on a site donated by that company, and was known as the "mill school". It was a frame building 38 feet by 16 feet, boarded inside and out with plain boards, and unfinished. It was furnished and equipped by the Department of Education.

The first teacher was Miss Doris Webb. During the first eight years of its existence this school was financed by box socials, dances, and grants. In 1924 the increased attendance necessitated the building of an addition to the school, and another eight feet were added to the east end of the room, making it 46 feet in length by 16 feet in width.

In 1928 the school was finished and the inside walls papered with felt paper. The school was by this time maintained by taxation.

In the year 1929 the library was obtained, through an agreement between the Dept. of Education and the School Board, each party paying half the sum required for the books.

The grounds, which consisted of an open area, have been cleared by volunteer labor, and by some of the enterprising boys who have attended the school.

The school building has been used for church services, and before the building of the community hall, for dances. The school has, each year, produced a Christmas concert, and raised money with which to buy Christmas presents for the children of the community.

Prince George Public School 1926 - Promotions

Division 2 - Enid M. McKee, Teacher

Promoted to Grade 7

Orville Andrews, Laurie Butler, Allan Davis, Mary Geiger, Marie Golder, Marion Ferry, Frank Lee, Helen MacKenzie, Roy MacMillan, William Quinn, Evelyn Schmidt, Lois Stonehouse, James Van Somer and Gladys Withiam.

Promoted to Grade 8

John Assman, Lilian Buckle, Patricia Carney, Margaret Clapperton, Arnold Davis, Phyllis Ellis, Francis Freeman, Howard Harper, Leonard Harper, Edward Hogan, Doris Hunter, Jean MacMillan, Lulu Moffatt, Ralph Moffatt, Rose Muralt, Barbara Nichols, Dorothy Pooley, William Range, Margaret Satrum, Clara Wieland and Frank Wilcox.

Division 3 - Mary Williams, Teacher

Promoted to Grade 6

Roland Allen, Gladys Armstrong, Joyce Campbell, Frank Campbell, Rita Carver, Margaret Corrigan, Hriso Demas, Donald Gower, Gordon Hunter, Florence Lambert, Mack Lynch, Gordon McChesney, Kow Mockizuki, William Ogg, Harvey Perkins, Sydney Perry, Allen Towers, Pearl Williams and Ruby Williams.

Promoted to Grade 7

Dora Allen, George Allen, Leota Bailey, Dawson Boyd, Ivan Boyd, Russell Carson, William Dibble, Allan Harper, Mary Lee, Stanley Penny, Patricia Pooley, Dorothy Saunders and Dorothy Whitmore.

Division 4 - Lottie K. Davis, Teacher

Promoted to Grade 6

Jean Blackburn, Erling Boman, Hugh Campbell, Rosie Chimilouski, Janet Ferguson, Alice Hanna, Juanita Houghtaling, Collin Hunter, Patricia Lyon, Elvin McNamee, Ellen Milburn, William Ogilvie, Leonard Penney, Gertrude Pitman, Hershel Reaugh, Inez Ramsland, Joseph Rice, Magda Satrum and Thomas Taylor.

Division 5 - Sara Cowan, Teacher

Promoted to Grade 5

Agnes Anderson, Jean Anderson, Gertrude Assman, Goldie Briscoe, Ida Edvall, Albert Engstrom, Betty Galt, Freida Geiger, Maynetta Golder, Harry Guest, Maurice Lambert, Ross McMillan, Arthur Muralt, Harold Quinn, Maude Renwick, Evelyn Robertson, Rose Spaner, Henry Stewart and Lillian Williams.

Promoted to Grade 4 - 2nd term

Jackie Aiken, Adina Assman, Ruth Boman, Verna Briscoe, George Burns, George Ferguson, Violet Lee, Helen MacLeod, Mary McKenzie, Gordon McNaughton, Edna Olson, Helen Penney, Harry Peterson , Doris Sibley and Albert St. Louis.

Division 6 - J. O. Wilson, Teacher

Promoted to Grade 4 - 1st term

Walter Allen, Theo Anderson, Lucille Andrews, Mina Anderson, Helen Blue, Kathleen Carver, Walter Ceal, Forrest Craig, Owen Dupre, Arthur Greenhill, Arthur Huble, Howard Hunter, Margorie Johnston, Margaret MacLeod, Emily Meron, Aubrey Penney, Phillip Quinn, Donald Robertson, William Robertson and Harry Taylor.

Promoted to Grade 4 - 2nd term

Joan Bailey, Keith Carson, John Clapperton, Ruby Engstrom, Ross Goodwin, Leo Hogan, Stanley Johnston, Jean MacMillan, Kenneth Range, Tessie Rice and Jean Wimbles.

Division 7 - B. M. Robinson, Teacher

Promoted to Grade 3 - 2nd term

Ruth Aaronson, Christina Anderson, Sadie Belina, Tony Bellos, Peggy Carney, Jennie Carlson, Roy Carver, Harold Davis, Neva DeBord, Margaret Fraser, Jack McKenzie, Colin Milburn, Gordon Nash, Annie Oknianski, Frank Perry, Martin Peterson, Roy Sandberg, Hector Stewart and Margaret Van Somer.

Promoted to Grade 3 - 1st term

Cora Andrews, Herbert Armstrong, Mary Boman, Victoria Chimilowski, Hazel Croteau, Pit Desjardines, Alice Disher, Victor Hogan, Edgar Jefferies, Charlie Mockizuki, Dorothy Moore, Frances Olds, Minnie Pavich, Bert Singh, Oren Wheeler, Alice Wilcox, Jessie Wilcox, Ken Wim and Marion Wimbles.

Division 8 - Ellen Milligan, Teacher

Promoted to Grade 2 - 2nd term

Phyllis Allen, Nichol Anderson, Tommy Bellos, Jessie Bond, Edison Briscoe, Betty Bustin, Yvonne Galt, Annie Geiger, Earl Hanna, Jack Harper, Gertrude Hilton, Irene Jonas, Joan Mealing, Alicia McLeod, Glen McMillan, Mary McMillan, Harry Monkley, Ian Ogg, Mary Okanaski, Anna Ramsland, Leonard Range, Earnest Robin, Sylvia Robin, Victor St. Louis, Douglas Walter, Eileen Walker and Reuban Wilcox.

Division 9 - Ellen Olson, Teacher

Promoted to Grade 1 - senior

Jessie Allen, Margaret Allen, Mary Assman, Florence Belina, Stanley Buchanan, Freddie Buckle, Jean Calhoun, Helen Chimilouski, Jack Corless, Lucille Davis, Edmond Desjardines, Freddie Freeman, Hazel Goodwin, Pat Monahan, Whitman Moore, Paul Pavich, Grant Peterson, Gerald Quinn, Opal Ramsland, Howard Reaugh, Joe Richardson, Elva Rigler and Margorie Whitmore.

Following are the results of the promotion examinations in Grades 9 and 10 of the Prince George High School. Subjects in which students are conditioned are noted.

Grade 10 to Grade 11

Bertha Huble 53.7 (Algebra, Geometry), Georgina McInnes 58.3 (Geometry), Helen McMillan 50.2, Jean Robinson 63.9

Grade 9 to Grade 10

Harold Assman 58.4 (Geometry), Alfred Banch 66.9, Peter Banch 68.7, Margaret Bunting 65.6 (Geometry), Muriel Edwards 69.7, Eugenio Gabriele 59.4 (Geometry), Dorothy Guest 62.1 (Arithmetic), Stanley Heavsides 60.8, Elsie Hunt 66.1, William Kinney 62.3, Lim Kow 60.8 (Algebra), Donald MacMillan 63.7, Maye Nault 62.8, Nora Robinson 53 (Latin), Eva Shields 65.8, Mary Sinclair 71, Jean Tyner 64.2, Marie Wedemeyer 33.7, Gwen Williams 71.6

Gaul, John - 2 yrs - 1923-1924 - Carpenter