Prince George Church News 

In September 1842 Roman Catholic Missionary Modeste Demers arrived at Fort George where he performed the first Christian rite ever to be performed in the area in the way of the baptism of five Indian children. Later that year the first Christian Church on the mainland of British Columbia was erected at Fort Alexandria. Fr. Demers from the Oregon Missions joined Peter Skene Ogden on the Hudson Bay brigade of horses and boats that yearly took up supplies to the northern posts. In 1845 and 1847, at the request of the Oregon bishop Fr. Nobili, a Jesuit priest from Colville, Washington, made the next two visits. In 1867 Fr. McGuckin founded the Mission of Williams Lake which greatly cut down the miles the priests had to travel. In 1873 Fr. Lejac founded the Mission of Stuart Lake and Fort George could now be served from there. The first Minister to establish regular Church services in South Fort George was Reverend Alfred T. Bell of the Methodist Church in 1910, and by 1915 area denominations consisted of: Church of England, Methodist, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic. Services were usually conducted in tents, halls or school houses until Church buildings could be constructed. 

The first annual Easter vestry meeting of St. Stephen's Church was held on Tuesday with Rev. R. H. Isaac Williams in the chair. It was decided not to elect churchwardens and that the council already appointed should continue in office (April 1912). 

Catholic Church of Prince George: Parish Old Timers 

Mrs. Margaret (Granny) Seymour - 1878 
Peter Roy - 1893 
Mrs. Brown - 1894 
Alex Bird - 1896 
Frank Bird - 1898 
Mrs. Yargeau - 1901 
Edward Bird - 1907 
Mr. and Mrs Guay - 1912 
Mr. and Mrs. Moran - 1913 
Mrs. O'Rourke - 1914 
Mrs. Izowski - 1914 
Helen McKenzie - 1916 
Mrs. McKenzie - 1916 
Mary McKenzie - 1916 
Danny Palumbo - 1917 
Mrs. Dumas - 1917 
Dr. J. G. McKenzie - 1917 
Mrs. Van Dyk - 1919 
Mrs. Hill - 1919 
Mrs. Goodwin - 1920 
Mrs. Palumbo -1920 
Mr. and Mrs. Konroth - 1920