Early Prince George Births

November 17, 1910 ... South Fort George leads in everything. The latest distinction showered on the Fraser River townsite is the birth of the first white child in the group of townsites that have come into existence during the past year. Georgina McInnes possesses the honor, and the proud father who, by the way, represented Phoenix in the legislature in the Socialist interest, two sessions ago; bears well under the congratulations heaped upon him. The event took place Thursday, Nov. 17, 1910, and mother and child are doing well. 
January 28, 1911 ... The second white child born in the district came to the residence of W. Halm Sunday night. It was a baby girl and both mother and child are doing well. Mrs. Halm, it will be remembered, was the first white woman to land in South Fort George from a boat last May, in honor of the event the Northern Development Co. presented Mrs. Halm with a lot. The first white birth was Georgina McInnis, daughter of John McInnis, ex-MPP.
January 30, 1915 ... Born at Fort George on Friday, Jan. 29, to Mr. and Mrs. Houghtaling, a girl.
January 30, 1915 ... Born at Prince George on Saturday, Jan. 23 to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Lewis, a girl.
October 13, 1916 ... Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ogilvie, a son "Billie" Jr. (Mr. Ogilvie was a solicitor).
October 22, 1916 ... A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lalonde.
October 28, 1916 ... A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. R. Turbull Kerr of Central Fort George.
October 31, 1916 ... a son to Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Jorgensen.
December 1916 ... Born in Prince George on Tuesday, Dec. 19th. to Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bowles. of Blackwater, a girl.
March 19, 1917 ... to Mr. and Mrs. M. Carkins, a boy and a girl.
March 27, 1917 ... to Mr. and Mrs. Hughes of Moores Ranch, a daughter.
April 8, 1917 ... (Easter Sunday) in Vancouver, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Moore .
April 12, 1917 ... a son to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Feren.
December 10, 1918 ... Born at Nechaco telegraph station on Dec. 6, to Alfred and Mrs. Ferland, a son.
December 24, 1918 ... Born at South Fort George on December 22 to Mr. and Mrs. P. Campbell, a son.